The national association of participants in the music industry and the development of musical instruments and equipment (MIR MIO Association) was based in 2017 by the biggest Russian manufactures and includes more than 60 participants from Russian music community.
Our mission is to save and multiply musical and cultural inheritance in Russia and promote it abroad, develop the musical industry, and support the scientific and technological progress.

Our Catalogs

Explore our musical instruments and audio aquipment by downloading our catalogs.

    AJO Pickups is a Russian manufacturer of guitar pickups with a brilliant, juicy sound, which shows you the whole palette of timbres of the instrument. Ajo was founded in 2019. The founders of the company are two persons Nikolay and Alexander. We've been crazy about electric guitars since our childhood. Music, especially Rock music, is the main passion of our lives. Several years ago we started R&D process in electric guitar pickups area. We have 15 years of professional background as researchers in electrical and electronic area. So we have applied all this experience. Scientific approach and love to guitar music led us to the stunning result. A new guitar pickup model line, which produces an astonishing polyphonic and very clean sound, was designed. The pickup consists of individual coils for each string that gives a true frequency response and reflects all the harmonic string oscillations and nuances of the guitar sound. The guitar with Ajo pickups produces a transparent clear sound close to the sound of an acoustic guitar and with high gain the sound becomes deep and clear.
  • Rav Vast
    Email: hi@ravvast.com ravvast.com

    Rav Vast is a production company that provide innovative musical instruments with a magical relaxing sound. Rav Vast Drums are a type of steel reed idiophones that are unique in their design. Rav is an amazing discovery for everyone, because it is a full-featured musical instrument, which you can learn to play in just a couple of hours. Thanks to the unique technology, the developers managed to maximize the fullest and deepest sound as each reed has a sound range of 4 to 7 notes.

    АМТ Electronics — Siberian manufacturer of musical, commonly guitar equipment was established in 2001 in Omsk by Sergey and Yan Marichevs. The manufactory produces well priced and high-quality pedals, cabinet emulators, preamps, guitar amps, and cabinets. Since 2001 "AMT Electronics" is the constant participant of international exhibits, such as: "Musikmesse Frankfurt", "NAMM Show USA" and "Musikmesse Russia".
    E-mail: pr@unvispro.ru

    Unvis Pro is the Russian manufacturer of professional sound-amplifying equipment ASR Audio. The company has been developing complex solutions in sound, light and video equipment (from budget counts for the project to commissioning works) for 25 years. A wide range of ASR-Audio products includes compact and ultra-compact acoustic systems, subs, studio monitor speakers, professional sound-amplifying equipment and etc.

    Manufactory Balalaiker is a popular in Russia brand of folk musical instruments. Production is located in Ulyanovsk, on the high bank of the river Volga. Manufactory produces balalaikas, hurdy-gurdies, guslies as well as accessories and musical souvenirs. High-tech equipment, excellent Russian wood and the music masters' talent ensure the consistently high quality of products. All the instruments undergo post-production technological commission and the preselling outplaying. We are the balalaikers! We love our product & share it with the people of the world. We believe that music can makes world better. And we try to do our best on this way.

    Egorov & Dukhan cymbals manufactory
    is based in в Nizhniy Novgorod and produces cymbals for the drum kits. The wide range of company products includes: splash, hi-hat, crash, ride cymbals and also drum accessorizes. Every cymbal is made by hands and consists of B20 alloy.
    E-mail: kemaster@yandex.ru

    Inspector Guitars was founded in 2009. Egor Krundishev is a founder of the company and an experienced guitar master. Our serial electric guitar production called "Inspector Guitars" was open in 2017.

    We produce a big variety of our own models of electric guitars, classic models fancied by musicians, as well as hand-made custom-guitars, including "on order". Our company is the first in Russia that specializes in serial production of electric guitars. We guarantee the high quality and fair prices for our goods.

    Lutner SPb Ltd was founded in 1998. The company initially specialized in the wholesale trade of musical instruments and accessories, served dealers mainly in the North-West region of Russia. Now Lutner SPB is recognized as one of the largest musical instruments distributors in Russia. The company offers a wide range of musical instruments and accessories of well-known brands from Russia and other countries of the world.

    Suitable geographical position of Saint Petersburg, which from its foundation was the City from where the main Russian trade routes started, allows us to set up a supply chain anywhere in the country for the short period.

    MiLena Music is an advanced high-technology guitar manufacturer located in Syzran, Samara Region of Russia. In the early 2000s, we opened our first music store. At that time we had neither sufficient funds, nor business experience. But we had the main thing — we had the conception of music as a lifelong love and a desire to make musical instruments budget-friendly to those who need them. Soon people started bringing to us their instruments for repair and refurbishment. This is how our own guitar manufacturing began. Nowadays, the experience of repairing and refurbishing guitars for more than 15 years allowed us to develop our own technical solutions of guitar production, to improve assembly quality and to decrease the ultimate price of the finished instrument.

    We are always ready for non-standard orders! You can order a guitar according to your preferences: any materials, any design and any complexity. We will consider every detail and make an instrument of your dream for you!

    Our mission is promotion of musical instruments that can compete with producers of international standard in terms of quality and price. High quality does not mean expensive! MiLena Music makes quality accessible to everyone!

    Our team believe that every person has inborn talent. With MiLena Music guitars it is easy and most importantly, budget-friendly to bring this talent to light. Expand your and your children's spirituality and creativity, and we will make best quality musical instruments for you!

    Nevaton M the manufacturer of studio, stereo and microphones. The history of the NEVATON LTD dates from 1947 when the acoustic laboratory was based at the Leningrad optical and mechanic association. Then in 1954 the laboratory joined the newly formed Scientific and industrial association named SCREEN. In 1991 was formed the independent NEVATON LTD enterprise.

    In all of the widest activity of the enterprise there is one thing that is stable and constant — elaboration and industry of professional microphones for recording studios and radio, TV and film studios. The highest technical degree of the specialists and the material base of the enterprise that includes the unique sound raging chambers let us produce the microphones of the best quality. In 2001 at the ECHOCHAMBER studio in Switzerland as a result of the world`s microphone tests the NEVATON LTD microphones won two first positions. The NEVATON LTD microphones are sold in a great number of countries all round the world, including USA, U.K., Germany, Japan, Sweden, Finland and many others.

    the manufacturer of microphone equipment.
    Founded in 1927 the plant "Oktava" from Tula produces miscellaneous sound equipment for special and for civilian use. The main types of civilian products are microphone equipment, telephone and microphone capsules and headsets. Oktava's products are very popular in Russia and abroad: musician and music bands such as U2, String, Iron Maiden and Radiohead use its sound equipment in work.
    E-mail: info@chuzhbinov.ru

    RDF CHUZHBINOV DRUMS brand has produced drums made by Russian master Evgeniy Chuzhbinov since 2007. There are different types of products: snare drums, drum kits, marching drums, training pads (Cookie Pad). The brand uses the high-quality materials such as maple and bubinga.

    SHNOOR CABLES LAB designs cables using a deep understanding of physical parameters and user experiences in order to create a connection solution. Each cable is produced with a "tour-grade" quality from customized and finely selected components.
    SHNOOR cable brand was established in 2014 to share the cabling experience of the founder Pavel Sukov with thousands of musicians all around the world. The next five years were spent in the research and development of our SHNOOR CABLES concept. The team of the company exhibited in the largest trade fairs around the globe, worked with famous studios, technicians and musicians. The international trade experience forced them to reach a clear and modern trade policy.
    Today the company managed to combine the best components, Russian craftsmanship, design, and technology in SHNOOR cables.
    In just started 2021, the SHNOOR CABLES team stays inspired by Music, Art, and Good people!

    Russian-American company which produces hi-end studio and handmade microphones. SOYUZ combined Russian engineering and manufacturing skills with Western design, quality control and marketing to create the highest quality products for a wide range of consumers.
    E-mail: suvorovdrums@ya.ru

    Suvorov Drums is the manufacturer of marching and pop drums, drum kits, cymbals and bass drums. The brand also produces accessories for percussion instruments such as corsets, bells, sticks and beater. The company was founded in 2009 in Kaluga. Years of experience allow Suvorov Drum's specialists combine different types of wood to get the timbre that is required in each particular model.

    The Svaritanum Laboratory
    is engaged in the design and manufacture of quartz instruments for music and sound therapy, crystal harps, crystallophones, chimes, chacrophones and other.

    Our instruments are already playing in music projects and halls of soundhealing around the world. Svaritanum was founded by Denis Kashcheev, a musician, engineer and inventor, founder of the Mama music project. The credo of our company is high quality and an individual approach to each customer, innovation and striving for excellence.
    Site: ravvast.com

    E-mail: habriel@yandex.ru

    Zarya Sound Solutions is the international full-cycle design bureau based in Russia that specializes in sound devices. We offer a full range of services from industrial design and engineering development to search for the suppliers of components and production facilities for final implementation in the required region of the world. We are not afraid of seeking new solutions to our assignments and working with a wide range of equipment. Our designers and engineers create your product the way you want it to be. Our technologists find the best suppliers of components and materials. To create a high-quality product, Zarya Sound Solutions works with proven manufacturers only and tracks the entire cycle of the production chain from the purchase of components to the ready-to-use product delivery.

    Tuljskaya Garmonj LLC
    is a one of a few companies in the world whose range of products includes any model of bayans or hand-harmonicas with desired characteristics for playing music of different genres. The new generation of Tuljskaya Garmonj's instruments suits the highest demands of the musicians.
    E-mail: info@akkordpiano.ru

    The Russian manufactory from Kaluga was established in 1947. Akkord pianofortefabrik produces pianos with the classic European sound by saving the traditions of generations of masters and modern technologies. The rebirthing of the famous manufactory started in 2017 when the new model of piano "N. Rubinstein" was developed in cooperation with masters from German manufactory Ed.Seiler.
    E-mail: barashev_a_s@mail.ru

    The team of Arbat Drums uses their knowledge about traditional drums from Africa and Asia to produce modern ceramic snare drums with the best sound characteristics, unique design and the ability to customize every product.

    The company had manage to adapt traditions of producing the ceramic drums and create it with the right shape and size with help of such modern technologies as: 3D printing, laser cutting and computer simulation.

    The terracotta drum has increased wear resistance. The cover of drums against scratches, corrosion and temperature difference. The sound of such drums is deep, powerful, dry and completely different from metal or wood drums.
    E-mail: argerus23@mail.ru

    is the manufactory of wind instruments from Krasnodar. The brand's name "Argerus" can be deciphered as "Argentum+Russia". The company produces Russian Student Trumpets (RST) which has bright and clean tone of a sound, high quality of manufacturing assembly and good price.
    E-mail: inbox@asiamusic.ru

    Asia Music Company develops original solutions in sphere of professional acoustic systems and produces sound equipment in Irkutsk region. The total control of the manufacturing assembly quality allows the company to improve the sound of the acoustic systems by special tests in its own acoustic laboratory.

    In 2016 a wide range of Asia Music products was replenished by the new line "BBR" of the brand "Eurosound", which consists of active and passive acoustic systems.
    E-mail: mag@atelier-goncharov.com

    Atelier Goncharov is a wind instruments center of production, sales and repairs which is located in Moscow. In 2018 Atelier Goncharov in cooperation with "Buffet-Group" started the producing of high quality wind instruments. The wide range of products includes flutes, oboes, bassoons, saxophones, cornet, French horns, trombones and etc.
    E-mail: pisarev@djbag.ru

    DJBAG is the Russian brand of high quality bags and accessories for the musical equipment of DJ's. The workers of the company are DJ's, that's why every model of the products suits all the requirements of the modern musicians and includes their experience about common characteristics which is necessary for the comfort and safe usage. The manufactory is located in Russia and produced well-priced goods for the domestic market. Since 2017 the company has been producing bags and accessories for acoustic guitars, drums and drum sticks, synthesizers (brand "Polonez").
  • DOFF
    E-mail: info@doffguitar.com

    DOFF Company enables to be proud of its outstanding history and traditions. Having founded on the basis of A.V. Lunacharskiy musical instruments factory, the Company still maintain the leading positions among fretted instruments manufactures in Russian Federation. Company makes full range of fretted musical instruments — guitars, balalaikas, domras — as mass production so custom-made as well. The materials utilized for the manufacture passes quality test control. Combination of modern and traditional technologies guarantees "DOFF" branded musical instruments rich sounding, durability and high-quality decoration.

    Petersburg company FAT Custom Drums is engaged in the development, design and manufacture of drums made from various solid woods. The manufacture of the shell of the drum from the solid wood (block drum), in comparison with the technologies of plywood, allows to significantly expand the selection of the tree species, and therefore to increase the spectrum of the selected sound of the instrument. In its work, FAT Custom Drums masters use not only the usual beech, maple, birch, oak, but it is much more exotic species, steel shells are not overlooked too.

    One of the priorities of the company is the production of drums for individual and unique projects. Drums of FAT Custom Drums are used by many famous Russian drummers.Careful selection of materials of the highest quality, as well as an optimal pricing policy, allow FAT Custom Drums to produce drums of unique quality and sound characteristics at affordable prices, helping Russian and foreign drummers to acquire their own sound, which they could only dream for.
    E-mail: forteltd@mail.ru

    Forte started to produce its first xylophones in 1981. In 1991 the company developed original synthetic material for the keys of xylophone and marimbas. Gradually the producing of percussion instruments started to gain profit and the assortment of products became wider and more sophisticated. Reasonably priced instruments with a catchy sound became popular in Russian music schools and theaters, such as: Moscow conservatory, Rostov conservatory, the Bolshoi Theater, the Mariinsky Theater and etc.
    E-mail: garmoniyazvuka@mail.ru

    Harmony flute — is a workshop which produces the best folk flutes made of natural wood, with a particular way of life in harmony with oneself, developing itself as a strong, healthy and creative person.
    Basics: natural, continuous development, searching for new, creative, improving health and mood, self-confidence, result.
    — Production and saling of flutes;
    — Learning to play the flute for children and adults;
    — Corporate events;
    — Promotion of folk wooden flutes.

    Anastasia and Pavel Mirra — the founders of the workshop. For more than ten years, they study the connection of playing the flute with psychology, breathing, creativity, brain function, bodily practices, physical health and spirit.
    E-mail: pr@goronok.ru

    Goronok String Instruments is a leader in the production of bowed string instruments in Russia. The first workshop was founded in Cleveland (USA). In 2000, a branch was opened in St. Petersburg, which turned into an independent center for the production of violins, violas, cellos, double basses and bows. The company is widely known in the Russian and international market of musical instruments due to a single corporate quality standard and a wide range of offers by categories and sizes. All instruments are handcrafted from seasoned acoustic wood in accordance with global manufacturing principles.
    E-mail: greshneva@yandex.ru

    The Gulyaev's workshop "Guitars and bass" is located Dubna and produces custom models of guitars. The company has recently integrated high-quality line of string instruments: classic, acoustic, semi — acoustic guitars and ukuleles. The portable type of electro guitars and bass, which suits for taking to the hand luggage, takes the special place in the workshop's assortment.
    E-mail: info@guselnik.ru

    The Guselnik workshop was founded by Igor Krasheninnikov in 2010. Guselnik is the first workshop in the country to set up serial production of gusli (tens and hundreds of instruments per month).
    The assortment of products manufactured by Guselnik is extremely wide and comprises more than 300 items: these are the most diverse models of gusli, gigbags, strings, tuning keys and other accessories, as well as unique instruments of various peoples of Russia and the Baltic region.
    Guselnik has an instrument for everyone: from children's 5-string models to professional double type gusli with 49 strings. The folk line of the workshop represents instruments made based on the historical gusli of different regions of the country and archaeological excavations.
    High requirements and quality control of materials and assemblies, continuous improvement of workshops and technical facilities, allow Guselnik to give a 3-year warranty for all its instruments.
    E-mail: hokens3@gmail.com

    Hokens was established in Penza in 1991 at the period of time when the needs for musical instruments and sound equipment were growing, but the abilities to realize it weren't enough. The main aim of the company was to help musicians to realize the technical part of their creative plans and satisfy the needs of fast growing industry of music shows. Today the company suggests a wide range of light, sound equipment and also smoke generators, special effects and etc.
  • INOY
    E-mail: inoyworkshop@gmail.com

    has been manufacturing steel tongue drums since 2013. During these years, crafters of the INOY have developed several original lines of tools, gained a huge amount of experience. INOY's instruments manufactured from new (not previously used) 2,3 mm thick steel blanks. Blanks are cut, processed, welded, after which the instrument passes the final adjustment. Most of the work crafters are carried out manually, which allows the tank drum to become not only beautiful but also truly alive.
    E-mail: zavodtim2012@yandex.ru

    Izhevsk factory T. I. M. is the successor of "P. I. Tchaikovsky manufactory of the piano" which was established in 1956. TIM produces pianos and guitars. Nowadays, the factory produces more than 30 types of acoustic guitars (with the plastic body also), domras, balalaikas with decorative painting.
    E-mail: kalimbalab@yandex.ru

    KalimbaLab workshop founded in the beginning of the 2016 and has earned a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of kalimbas in Russia. The main feature of the kalimbas from KalimbaLab is the purity and depth of sound and big variety: from ethnic, jazz, blues, to diatonic and chromatic. The "A" series is represented by the line of rectangular cavity kalimba (pine, maple, resonance plywood) with resonator holes, with most popular settings and five basic colors-blue, black, brown, yellow, red.
    E-mail: kosmosky.drum@gmail.com

    The engineers and craftsmen of Kosmosky engaged in producing of steel tongue drums since 2013. During these years team has found the optimal combination of technologies and materials, which allowed turning steel tongue drum from the rare exotic in our country into an instrument available to everyone. Tank drum is a tongue drum made of steel. Its convex shape and in a special way arranged slots tongues, let you create a unique, extremely harmonious sound full of beautiful overtones. Fine masters handwork not only guarantees the quality of Kosmosky steel tongue drum, but the absolute accuracy of the tune, wonderfully beautiful engraving makes the instruments bright and desirable.
    E-mail: office@medius.ru

    Medius is located in Saint-Petersburg and since 2017 has been producing musical instruments which suit all manufacturing standards: pianos, cabinet and semi-concert pianos. The company obtains the great precision of every piano's part by high-tech manufactory equipment.
    E-mail: zimin.bayan@yandex.ru

    Mikhailovsk Accordion Factory
    is the Russian company, which is located in Mikhailovsk, produces single, twice, third voiced accordions.
    E-mail: psaltery.store@gmail.com

    The workshop was founded in 2012 and during this time it has achieved great success in the field of manufacturing Baltic psalteries. Having manufactured more than 7000 psalteries, approximately 500 have been donated to orphanages, music institutions, and large families. The psalteries are designed for both professional musicians as well as people with no special musical education. The main aim of the workshop is to return the love to the old musical instrument. Make "the psaltery" - folk instrument, available to everyone. To revive the culture of ancient peoples and not forget the traditions of previous generations. To teach the young generation to play the psaltery and learn to love creating music and history.
    E-mail: info@universalacoustics.ru

    N-acoustic is a professional studio monitoring manufacturer based in Orenbug, Russia. In 2000's Alexey Nefedov was a student of a technical university and couldn't afford precision control for his trance music production, so he decided to design his own monitors and N-Monitors motto was born: "make reference monitoring affordable". The company has existed for over ten years and our studio monitors are a weapon of choice for many leading professionals in Russian music industry.(From recording and mixing to post prod. and mastering.)

    The N-Monitors sound philosophy is a neutral and dry sound without any colouration and overhyped low frequencies.
    The general requirement is to provide phase-coherence of speakers and a minimal group delay in sub frequencies region into your sweet spot.
    Due to this technical feature the listener receives clarity and non-fatiguing, detailed and the most precise sound that you can imagine.
    E-mail: sound@neva-sound.ru

    Neva Sound has been operating in the market of professional musical instruments supply since 1997. During this time, it has established itself as a reliable supplier and partner. Since 2017, the company has been producing its own models of domestic pianos and grand pianos of the "Mikhail Glinka" brand.
    E-mail: info@newtoneguitars.com

    NewTone Guitar Factory was founded in 2017 in the city of Kaluga. Highly skilled craftsmen of the factory use modern CNC machines in their work, but part of the labor, like a hundred years ago, remains manual. For the manufacture of guitars, NewTone used reliable, well-proven in the Russian climate materials: Caucasian spruce for the top, maple for the back and sides, and neck. This combination of wood makes the instruments extremely stable, well tolerant to changes in temperature and humidity levels, and also gives the guitars a strong, distinct, powerful sound. The bodies of the instruments are made entirely of solid wood, the finishing and details is done with fine wood, and the high-quality electronics of the best world manufacturers are installed.
    E-mail: hello@playtronica.com

    Playtronica is a platform that bridges entertainment, education, and art through interactive musical experiences. It is an open-source toolkit for creating sensory interactions using cutting-edge technology.

    The main product of Playtronica "TouchMe" is a midi controller that connects people to play music by measuring the intensity of touch. We developed this technology to fight lack of human connection and touch. It is plug-and-play, no specific knowledge needed.

    The company's shop is located in Russia, this is where all our devices are produced and shipped from. For workshops and live presentations contact our studios in Berlin and Paris.
    E-mail: yudin.piano@gmail.com

    The piano workshop ProPiano specializes in service, repair, restoration, production of pianos and grand pianos. The main direction is the production of the budget piano "Sonette". The workshop also produces accessories for the piano: adapters for children for piano pedals, benches, chairs, piano covers.
    The workshop, founded in 2008, continues the traditions of the Kazan Piano Factory. The workshop was organized on the basis of the factory, that was closed in 2008, and occupied part of the production area. The basis of the labor collective of the workshop was made up of experienced craftsmen and employees of the company. They were able to pass on their skills, abilities, secrets of mastery to a new generation of piano masters.
    The workshop is a place of communication for piano masters, that provides them with methodological, informational and other support.
    The workshop's specialists actively participate in exhibitions and events held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The works of the workshop are published on the social networks of this department.
    E-mail: info@masteras.ru

    Rhythm, wind and percussion Russian folk instruments issued in Nizhny Novgorod have amazing, emotional voice. Masterskaya Serebrova engaged in manufacturing, primarily, instruments of high quality wood. Alexander Serebrov, leader of the workshop and at the same time of the folk ensemble "Slavs", is a professional musician, and therefore not only supervises the work, but is actively involved in the production of wind noise and rhythm Russian folk instruments.
    E-mail: nastya@sinkopa.ru

    The production of Sinkopa Percussion is located in St. Petersburg. Since the mid 80s of the last century the company designs, develops and produces xylophones and percussion instruments. The original construction and design, precision tuning and clean bright sound of Sinkopa xylophones gained respect not only beginners, but also professional musicians. The production range includes both children's toy xylophones as well as full-size chromatic instruments, each of which has multiple manufacturing and tuning control. In 2005, Sinkopa launched the production of training pads for drummers. Two-sided pads have a coating of rubber of different density and thickness, providing the most natural rebound of the drum stick. In 2014, Sinkopa began development and production of instruments designed for children's percussion orchestras of Karl Orff method.

    Musical instruments from Taiga Musical Artel are well known in Russia and abroad.

    The workshop for many years produces wind musical instruments and Gusli (Russian Folk Psaltery) from high-quality wood and other materials. At the moment in a catalog of the workshop contents more than 20 models and a quantity is expanding.

    Musical instruments from "Taiga Musical Artel" are a good choice for professional musicians and also for students of music schools and amateur ensembles.

    The project Triumph is the result of researches and developing in the sphere of clear audio playback.

    The results of that work allowed developing the unique complex of technologies for producing high quality acoustic systems. All models of Triumph products are equipped with the original designed dynamics.

    The society of masters of the national musical instruments was established in 2006 by the restorer of "Gnessin Russian Academy of Music" Valeriy Grebennikov. The mission of the Union is to save the culture inheritance and develop the traditions of Russian masters' school. The Union involves builders of producing Russian folk instruments, coordinates the activity of companies which supply the components for the instruments, organized the producing of string folk instruments and help the builders to take the training courses.
    E-mail: info@universalacoustics.ru

    Universal Acoustics was established in 1998 in Moscow. The main vector of the company is the complex of design and installation of the sound, light devices and other equipment for the cultural, sportive, educational, and entertainment events. Universal Acoustics produces a wide range of products: acoustic systems, monitors, subwoofers and etc.
MIR MIO Association
Moscow, Russia